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Workplace Counselling

My aim is to make mental health in the workplace available to all who would like to access it by basing myself for a day at a time on a weekly or by weekly basis in an office or shared working space. 


Our working life and workplace makes up a huge part of our daily life and increasingly there is an awareness that home life challenges and difficulties can seriously impact our ability to work at our best and conversely issues at work can  seriously impact our home life and relationships.

Companies are now beginning to realise that the cost in lost man days and low output can have a significant impact on the company as a whole and on the morale of the workforce. In today's world, where the traditional reticence to ask for help or negative connotations of therapy are being progressively being broken down/eliminated whilst companies and organisations, committed to their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) are increasingly committed to providing holistic support to their teams.

Whether it is a team member who is suffering from depression, deadlines creating stress or a culture of bullying has caused low morale, negativity and a lack of empowerment, access to counselling can help for companies and individuals alike..

My aim is to enable access to a confidential counselling service in the workplace on a regular basis for any member of the team that may need it by being based in the office building on a weekly or bi--weekly basis. 

​These sessions will take the form of completely confidential mental health clinics that should be available to to all and subsidised by the company.

Things I can help with...

Workplace Performance Coaching

Workplace  Depression &Anxiety

Workplace  Stress

Workplace  Team Building 

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